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Do decimal places show correctly in Next Quizzes?

I have been using classic Quizzes. In formula questions, I can give students auto-generated input parameters to a specified number of decimal places. However, Canvas won't display trailing zeroes (Edit: this issue may only pertain to what is shown it the question editor). For example, one students might be shown a value of 35.2 in the question, but another student gets 26 to work with.

Does Next Quizzes fix this? I can't find a pertinent example in the documentation.

Context: Canvas doesn't do significant figures, but I can use carefully crafted input parameters to work around this. But I need to show all students the same number of decimal places to get this to work. When Canvas drops a zero from a value assigned to a measurement that is an error in indicating the precision of the measurement. A measurement of 26 cm is not the same thing as 26.0 cm.

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Well, apparently the issue is simply the question editor doesn't display the zeroes:

OK, well has this error been fixed in Next Quizzes? I would very much like to know exactly what all question variants are going to display to a student without going through an quiz preview a dozen times to be sure.