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Does Google Analytics Work in China?

Hi everyone, 

I am currently in the process of installing Google Analytics in my institution's Canvas instance; however, I am aware that some aspects of Google Analytics are blocked in China. I was wondering if anyone in this community has installed Google Analytics in Canvas and has found a solution toward gathering data from users within China. Is this possible within Canvas? Does anyone have any suggestions on any courses of action?

My main concern is that a student in China may not be able to access Canvas if google analytics fails to load and is blocked by the firewall, which may prevent the student from accessing pages, submitting assignments, doing quizzes, etc. Are these concerns valid? Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I look forward to hearing what you all have to say - and might I add, that all of the Google Analytics documentation within this community has been amazing and extremely helpful, so a huge thank you for that. 


Arjun Sundal

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