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Does RCE recognize Alt Text on images prior to upload

I have images that already have descriptions and alt text added to them, but when I upload them through the RCE the system, Canvas, does not seem to be able to identify that content. Am I missing something or am I going to need to go through and add that content again once the images are uploaded into Canvas?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @Amanda_L_Albrig ...

When I have pre-loaded an image into the course "Files" and then later insert that image onto a page in the course using the New RCE, I haven't been able to find out how to add alt image text at the same time.  I always have to click on the image after it is inserted into the page and then click on the image to get the "Image Options" button next to the image.  Then, I can edit the alt text for the image within Canvas.  This probably isn't the most efficient way to do this, but it's what I've been doing for now.  Hope this helps a bit.