Elementary Classes navigating multiple courses.

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Hello!  Currently, I have 5 courses listed for my 1 elementary level class.  Our district set it up this way so that grades would mesh easily with Synergy but it's more detailed than the students understand.  My students need it to be as simple as possible so having them go back to the dashboard to decide for themselves which subject something is can be confusing.  Especially when they are differentiating between Reading & Writing.   I would like to be able to use buttons that take them directly from one course to another at the top of my page.   Is there a tool or way to put the link in so they can go from one course to another fluidly?  Thanks.

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I copied the URL for each course's homepage the students are a student in and used the external links feature to link between courses.  Again, make it once and then copy and paste the completed table in the same very obvious location on each course's homepage.  

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