Eliminate White Spaces Between Cells on a Canvas Table

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I like making images on Canva for "buttons" and setting them up in a table for my homepage. I upload them as pngs (250px by 250px) and place them into a 3x2 table. However, I get these huge white spaces in the horizontal spaces between the images and it is driving me nuts. I would like the entire table to have the minor white lines as you can see between the cells in the columns--please see the attached image. I have messed with borders, cell spacing and cell padding to limited effect.

Please help me figure out how to make this look nice. Thank you!

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Hi there, @elena_awesome ...

Would you be able to paste in your HTML code for that table as a response here in the Community?

Without being able to see the code, it's hard to tell what the issue might be.  Just looking at the image you shared, maybe the table is set to fill a certain percentage of the screen...and so the extra white space between your images is compensating where there isn't an image within your table.  It might be that you need to change the width of your table cells widths from percentages to pixels to more closely match the width of your images.  But again, we wouldn't know without taking a look at your code.

As a side note, tables are usually used to hold data...and so while you can use tables to design pages with your images/buttons, you should still strive to make sure that your table is accessible to all users.

Looking forward to hearing back from you soon!  Take care...

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