Error identifying package type: unknown mime type unknown/unknown for archive attachments .imscc

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Before retiring, I exported my Canvas courses as .imscc files to my Dropbox on Jan 14, 2022. Now, I created a new Free-for-Teacher account for my tutoring, and want to import the prior courses. So, I created a new course and attempted to import a course from the .imscc file in my Dropbox.  It uploads 100%, but then fails at the final stage with the error:  “Error identifying package type: unknown mime type unknown/unknown for archive attachments .imscc”

Can I rename the .imscc file in my Dropbox to an acceptable type?  Or import it in a different way?  Help please!

I’d like to use my prior courses as resources for my tutoring students.

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Hi there, @mtpchemphys ...

Do you know the file size of your *.imscc file that you exported?  The reason I ask is that FFT (Free For Teacher) courses are limited to 500 MB in storage, and there aren't any options to increase that limit.  If you were to rename your *.imscc file so that it has a *.zip file extension, you'd be able to see all the files that are in that file.  If there were any large files in the zip file, you'd have to remove those to get the *.imscc file under 500 MB.  That might be the reason you're having issues with uploading it to the FFT Canvas environment.

Just thought I'd give my $0.02 ... for what it's worth.  I hope this might help in some way.

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@mtpchemphys ...

Thanks for the reply.  You should be able to change the file extension from *.imscc to *.zip.  (For example, change the file name from CourseName.imscc to, and that should allow you to uncompress/unzip the file.)

As for getting a price quote for a paid Canvas far as I know, you can't get an individual license/purchase of Canvas on your own.  This is meant for larger educational institutions and companies/organizations that wish to use Canvas as their LMS (Learning Management System).

Hope this helps, too.

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Hey Chris, 

So, I followed the same procedure, but on my MacBook Pro instead of my iPad, and it worked!  I was able to uncompress the .zip, delete some large media files, recompress it to a .zip file, change it back to the .imscc file type, and import the much smaller file into Canvas.  Thanks for your help!!

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