Exam versions

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Is there a way in canvas to take an existing quiz and save it as a new quiz version so I can then go in and modify questions without actually creating a new exam from scratch?

I am asking this, because it is nice to have a different versions of a quiz (or especially a long unit exam with lots of questions) to give as a make up for a student who missed the exam time and date (and I do not want them to take the same exam everyone else saw already) or even to use in a subsequent semester of the same course.

With paper and pencil exams, it's easy to do this in word. Simply "save as" a new file name, then go in and edit the new version without changing the original. Viola, two versions of the same basic exam. I haven't discovered a way to do the same thing in canvas, and typing a new exam from scratch to create a different version is very time consuming.

I am not asking about creating a question bank and having an exam randomly draw questions from this, as this is a different process and not what I want to do for this purpose.