Export All Quiz Answers from All Students as a CSV or EXCEL spreadsheet or XML data structure

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We are developing new psychometric methods for student response data analysis. Is there a way to export the  individual responses of all students to all questions for a quiz such as a CSV or EXCEL or XML data structure. It is important that the data file contains the responses of individual students to individual questions. Although I could find a method for exporting the response data from 1 student to all questions in a quiz to a data file, we do not want to repeat this process 50 times for a class of 50 students and then merge the resulting data files.  

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Yes for classic quizzes.  Click on your quiz.  Click on Quiz Statistics.  Click on student analysis - you will get a csv file to download that has each students answer to the questions.

For new quizzes, I do not know because I have not started using them yet


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