Exporting Question Banks

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Is it possible to export Question banks?

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Not directly, no.  But you can export Quizzes and then if you import those quizzes back into Canvas they become a question bank.  Here is how.

  • Create a Quiz
  • Use the Find button to add all of the questions from the bank you want to export.  Save Quiz
  • Go to Settings, Export Course Content
  • Select Quiz and then export just that quiz with the question bank questions and download it

The file you have now has all of the questions in a QTI format zip file.  If you import it to a class in Canvas the process creates both a quiz AND a question bank.  Or if you wanting to import it into some other system it should work if that system can import QTI format.  Here is how to import it into a Canvas course.

  • Go to the course and click Settings, Import Course Content
  • Select QTI Zip for the type of item to import, select the file and import.
  • If you just want the question bank you can just delete the quiz from the course.


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