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Extract audience participation from BigBlueButton conferences


I am trying to get the audience participation data out of BigBlueButton so we can report on student participation across the school and i was wondering if that was possible? I know you can per conference export a CSV but i want to be able to do it across the environment. We are using premium as far as i'm aware. Update: I have been told we are not on Premium. Would this solve our issue? 

I have been using the following endpoint (Conferences - Canvas LMS REST API Documentation ) in Canvas to get a list of all the conferences but it seems that the Users listed aren't necessarily who attended the conference but who was invited(?). I'm not 100% sure on this but it means i will need to look else where for this data if that is not the case.  I spot checked a few conferences and noticed a student was listed as attendee who never logged in that day. 

I have found a Canvas created Request log file in the Canvas data dump that shows who has joined a conference via the controller/action conferences/join but i cannot find where i can pull this from in the API. Anyone know where to get this data?

Like always any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Courtney O'Sullivan

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello @courtney_osulli ...

I am not sure of an answer for you, but I would like to bring @ffdixon into this conversation in hopes that he will be able to help answer your question. Good luck to you!