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Faculty Incentive to train new users for best practices

We are in the beginning stages of the re-designing of Blackboard migrated courses and faculty have asked to help in this process for Best Practices.

We understand this will require some time.  They are asked to do live webinars that would be recorded to help reduce the burden on their time but updates would be needed as well.

What incentives did your institution provide to their faculty and what were the requirements for the incentives?

Thanks for your information in advance.


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Community Team
Community Team

Hi @guilera!

While this is an old post, I think it's an amazing one to kickstart, just before most of North America begins a new school year. ...and as new people join (or browse) the Community!

Any time there is a need for faculty buy-in, I always think about ways to make the why super super clear. Once everyone sees the mission, value, and goal, more people join the team. 

As for incentives, do you have a way of clocking time or contributions? Could people collect "points" and then use those to enter a drawing for gift cards, extra personal time, etc? Could you gamify participation by creating "badges" (virtual and/or physical for office doors)? What about "teams" by department with a reward like a catered lunch for those who have the greatest achievements or contributions?

I'm curious to hear about how your process went from October through the remainder of your school year. Also, which level of students do your faculty teach? I'm just curious. 🙂