Feature Suggestion: Custom Dashboard Views

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I work in a K-12 school where we have staff that work across multiple faculties and campuses. Each campus has its own Dashboard view e.g. Junior School (K-6) users use Elementary, Senior School Users use Card View and we have Staff Professional Learning courses. All our courses are sorted into sub-accounts but when users click on their Dashboard they are served all courses they are a member of. It would be great if the user could set up custom views of their dashboard or filter by sub-accounts. e.g. having a pop out similar to the sub-account selector to select the dashboard view when the user clicks on the Dashboard icon on the global navigation bar.

I am aware of the 'Favourite stars' to customise one view of the Dashboard in the 'all courses' area but this doesn't help staff users with multiple roles as they would need to reset this each time, they move campus which can be twice a day.



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