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Folder is locked and unable to delete files


My folder has the 'locked' symbol and there is no option to delete files, please help?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @Lilc ...

Out of curiosity, are you a student?  If so, are you looking at your "Account" >> "Files" screen in Canvas?  In your user "Files" screen, within the "My Files" folder, there is a "Submissions" folder that does, in fact, have the padlock symbol on it.  This is by design.  Any assignment that you submit to your instructor gets added to this folder, and you cannot delete files from this particular folder.  Here is some additional information for you: How do I view my user files as a student? - Canvas Community.

If I have not interpreted your question correctly, can you please provide some additional details for us so that we can continue to assist you?  Thanks!

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