Formula Quiz Question Future Functionality Request

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Hi Canvas Staff,

I am a graduate assistant at the University of Oklahoma working with the finance department to generate quizzes for various courses. In this capacity, I am acting as a TA in the canvas courses. I would like to incorporate what are considered common functions in the finance world, many of which can be found on a financial calculator. I was curious if Canvas has any plans to add more advanced functions to its formula quiz questions and if it would be possible to incorporate the following functions? The parenthesis indicate the Excel function equivalent.

   Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

   Net Present Value (NPV)

   Payment (PMT)

   Future Value (FV)

   Present Value (PV)

   Rate (RATE)


These baseline financial functions would dramatically boost the capabilities of Canvas in the finance world. Some of the questions that rely on these formulas can be solved algebraically, but only if they are simple in scope. Others are impossible to solve algebraically, hence the need for added functions.

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