Giving extra time in quiz for students in accommodation.

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I tried to find the existing Q&A but could not. This question is urgent since the quiz is within two days. I appreciate your help. 

In Canvas Quiz, I need to figure out how to give extra time for students in accommodation. It seems that there are two ways, but each of these has problems or questions (in bold texts).

The class (everyone) consists of Section1, Section2, Section3, Section4. I need to assign a quiz to students only in Section3 and 4.

The quiz (for everyone in Section 3 and 4) has the following settings.
*Testing time: 60 min.
*Due date: April 24, 9 am
*Available from: April 24, 8 am
*Available until: April 24, 9:05 am. 
In order words, students can start the quiz from 8 am. If they submit it from 9:00 am to 9:05 am, they will be marked as LATE but they can submit anyway. They will not be able to submit it after 9:05 am. 

In Section 3, there is a student, say Robert, who needs extra time accommodation (double time). It seems that there are two ways to handle this.

(1) Using Moderate option.  
In Moderate option, I set Robert's "extra time on every attempt" as 60 minutes.
** In this case, can Robert take the quiz until 10 am? 
** or can Robert only take the quiz until 9:05 am unless I set "Available until" as April 24, 10:00 am?
** When I set "Available until" as April 24, 10:00 am, there is a problem: The students without accommodation can take the quiz until 10:00 am although LATE is marked. 

(2) Using "Add assign to" option (picture below).
What happens in this case? The potential problem is that Robert is in Section 3. Therefore, Robert is included twice. Does Canvas quiz system automatically handle this overlap? 
You might answer that I can include each student individually instead of just Section 3. However, the number of students is 150, so it takes an hour and the mistake is highly possible. 


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HI  @jayjeo  Thank You for this important question.

From experience the student with the different timeframe will only be assigned to once. Option Two would be my pick.

Sing out if you need a hand. 

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