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Global edits for a course

How can I make global edits to a course? I am an instructor and want to apply the same banner style and banner text to the many pages below the home page. Currently, I hit edit, choose a theme, choose banner text edit, make the edits, hit save, go to the next page, and repeat. This is a pain. For that matter, I'd like to apply that same banner style across our entire curriculum if that's doable.

Probably a newbie question, but searching the forums for "global edits" returned zilch.




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@TimothyStanton It sounds like your institution has an add on of some sort for Canvas.  "Themes" is not something native to Canvas.  My guess is you are using a tool like DesignPlus (pops out a banner on the right side that gives you additional tools to design your course).  I don't believe there is a simple way in DesignPlus to mass apply a theme change.  Their support may have a different answer but I have never seen one.

Sorry that is not the answer I am sure you are hoping for!


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Hi there, @TimothyStanton ...

You cannot apply a banner globally to all your course pages at one time.  But, one option might be to create a sort of "template" page which includes your banner text/style.  Then, you can use the "duplicate" feature to make copies of the page, and that banner will be there every time you create a new page.  But, there isn't really a way to change that banner and update it everywhere at one time...if that's what you're looking for.

How do I duplicate a page in a course? - Canvas Community

Do you think this might work for your needs?

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