Google Assignments LTI grades not syncing to Canvas Gradebook after term end

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Our term ended on 5/27 for students.  Teachers' access is extended until June 3rd in order to finalize grades.  Teachers using Google Assignments LTI who are still scoring assignments are finding that these grades are not syncing to the Canvas Gradebook any longer.  Is this due to the end of the term dates?  Is there a way around this - or will they need to enter scores manually into the Canvas Gradebook now that the term has ended? 

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Hi Kimberly,


We had the same issue and found this on the Google community board.  We found that grading outside of the term or using "default" term did not allow for passback.  We then made sure our course was in a term with start/end dates AND we graded the assignment within the term dates and that fixed the problem.  Hope this helps!

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