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Google Chrome unable to access gradebook, inbox

Using Chrome, I am unable to access gradebook through CANVAS - instead I get a blank page.  I have the same problem with Inbox.  Pictures below.  This happens when I use CANVAS at either of the two schools I teach for.  Restarting computer and clearing cache did not help.  I do not have this problem if I access the sites using an incognito tab.  I do not have the problem when I use Firefox.  Suggestions?  (The workarounds work, but are annoying, I'd like to figure out the underlying cause.)  Chrome inbox.jpgChrome gradebook.jpg

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Community Team
Community Team

@jkilbride  Since you're only having the problem in Chrome, yet are not experiencing the same issue in a Chrome incognito window or in Firefox, this could be caused by an extension or add-on in your Chrome browser. To troubleshoot, try disabling each one systematically to see whether one of them is blocking navigation in Canvas.

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One of our teachers had this issue as well.  After all of the steps already mentioned without lasting results, we deleted the teacher's Chrome profile on that device, reset Chrome defaults, then created a new profile.  That seems to be working. 🙂  

I just tried that and it did not work.  Plus, I'm fairly certain this was also happening on the school computer, which would not have the same extensions installed.  

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You might also want to check if you have security software installed that blocks elements of websites. Ensure that your Canvas instance is in your safe websites list. 

You also might want to delete your browser cache to ensure that outdated information in the cache is not causing problems.

Interesting.  I tried signing out of my google chrome profile, that didn't do anything.  I tried resetting default settings - that worked!  But as soon as I signed back into my personal gmail account again, the same problems occurred again.  The problems persist even if I log in with my .edu google account as my chrome profile instead of my personal google account.  

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No, I'm not running any sort of an ad blocker, and just using the default security settings.  The site is showing as a secure site in the drop down from the lock in the browser bar.  When I adjusted the settings to turn off blocking of popups, redirects, ads and insecure content, nothing changed.   And I did delete the cache as one of my first troubleshooting steps.  

I'm having the same problem. I can't see my gradebook in Chrome. I can sometimes see it if I clear the cache and restart the computer, but it's temporary. I can't refresh as it goes back to the white screen. Restarting the computer everytime I want to see my gradebook is a problem.

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