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Google Drawings Assignment in Canvas


Instructor here. I do not have a problem with adding a Google Drawing assignment (unless I forget to put anything on there...) nor students having problems submitting the assignment. 

When submitting, Google Drawings becomes a .pdf file. My issue is this: Sometimes I am lucky to see the whole document (second picture), most of the time, I see a certain percentage of the document (first picture).

It seems that Drawings automatically become a PDF for Canvas, to save memory/space, which I understand completely, but have yet to figure out why some students (pictures are from the same assignment) show full or partial.  I thought maybe it was a zoom thing, apparently as a student attempted to submit assignment again with that adjustment, that it is not the issue. 

I suspect it is from the student's side but I cannot experiment on my own (as a student) to figure out what it is. Thanks!

1/4 of a screen for the assignment1/4 of a screen for the assignment        full screen for the assignmentfull screen for the assignment

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