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Google Form in Assignment

I am wondering how I should set up a Google Form as an assingment and how students should submit their response. I have multiple google forms for my content and am new to Canvas. I created an assignment that is a Google Form from my Google Drive. I embedded the url as using the rich text editor so that when the assignment opens, students see the form and can complete it in Canvas. My question is, what do I set my "Submission" as in Canvas? The form results should go to the Google Form Response spreadsheet I created, but what should students do in Canvas to show that this form was submitted in Canvas?

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Community Coach

Good morning, @AE2 ...

I would think that you could set your assignment as an "Online" >> "Text Entry" submission.  Above where you embedded your form in the assignment, you might want to let your students know to "fill out the below form" and then when done to click on the "Submit Assignment" button at the top right corner of the screen.  This would give them the Rich Content Editor (RCE) below your embedded form, and then they could type you a brief message stating that they filled out the form.  Would that work for your needs?