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Grade Passback problems

I am using the grade passback from Canvas to Skyward and 1 section will not accept the grade passback.

I get a failure/Error message that looks like this: 

Failed to fetch grading categories for section "SCIENCE 7 VIRTUAL-08-Griffin" from Skyward
Grading category "MIN" not found in Skyward for section "SCIENCE 7 VIRTUAL-08-Griffin" (58078). Please ensure that your assignment categories match between Skyward and Canvas. Available grading categories are:
All the grading categories are exactly the same as the other sections of this class but it won't go through for this one. Please help!
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I am also having similar issues with grade passback.  Some of my teachers were able to get the grades to sync if they performed a grade remaster.  Even though this corrected for many teachers 2 weeks ago this week I have a teacher that has a test that has the incorrect grades syncing.  She told me she remastered and when you look at her passback it says complete with no errors so I'm not sure why this is not going through.  Let me know if you have found a solution.