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Gradebook Columns That Do Not Use Percentages?

My school is in the process of switching from BlackBoard to Canvas. I am trying to set up my Canvas gradebook for the first time and am having a problem with the "Assignment Group" columns and Total column.

Canvas seems to only show percentages and calculate those columns based on percentages. (There does appear to be a way to have the Total column show total points instead, but that does not help).

I do not grade using a percentage system. I use the 4.0 grading scale. This means that if I enter "3" to show that a student got a grade on an assignment, Canvas averages that into the Assignment Group as "75%" as if it were a C.

In BlackBoard, you could set the Assignment Group columns to simply display the average of the grades in that group. That was great, because it kept a running average always displayed on the 4.0 scale. Is there a way to have the Assignment Group column in Canvas display an average of the assignments in that group instead of a percentage?

Alternatively, is there a way to hide the Assignment Group Columns and Total Column so that students do not see them? I would rather they not see these percentages, which are misleading.

(I have looked through a lot of threas on this website, and it seems like others have asked similar questions before, but those were from several years ago. I am hoping that a solution has been found since then).

Thank you for any help.

Chris D.

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