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Gradebook missing label strange behavior


Our gradebooks are set to "automatically apply grade for missing submissions" but it seems to be inconsistent - sometimes it applies a grade that we can see in the gradebook like other grades, and other times I can see that the assignment for the student has the missing label applied (it's red) but there's still just a dash where the grade should be, and it's not factoring into the average.

I've confirmed that the assignments which are behaving this way are set to "online" submission.

I've also noticed (see the attached video) that when I change the automatic missing assignment grade in gradebook settings and then save, the grades automatically change in the gradebook (including the average) - but the next time I refresh, it reverts.

I wonder if anyone has insight into what could be going on - thanks!


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are the due date and until date the same?  Or is the due date passed, but the until date has not been passed yet?


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Hi Ron,


I think I ran into the issue in both scenarios - but when I went to confirm, I found that the issue had resolved itself. I'm not sure how, and I've been unable to replicate it since then. Hopefully it was just a temporary glitch, thanks for your response!

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@Nate16 -

I believe there had been some other issues reported recently with the gradebook and speedgrader.  Maybe this was part of some issue that came from an update that has now been resolved.  Hopefully it was just bad timing for you, and it won't occur again.  If it does come up again, post again with whatever information you can provide.


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