Gradebook not calculating quizzes correctly from a group with the 100% of the weight

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Hello everyone,

I am currently working through an issue in our organisation, and I was wondering if anyone else have had it:

We did setup a course with an assignment group, consisting of two quizzes. One for first sit, and one for 2nd sit. Those two quizzes are setup as graded, and the whole assignment group carries 100% of the grade weigh. In addition, we have two rules: ignore the lowest score to 1, and highest score to 0. Also, we have set to never drop either of the results.

However, once we get to look at the total grade in the gradebook, it does not take into account the two quizzes as 100% of the grade, and instead doesn't calculate the total grade at all. I can still see a column with the name "assignment" with weight of 100%, and can see the relevant scores of the quiz, but does not take them into account for the total. 

Does anyone have an idea why does the gradebook not take into account the two quizzes as part of the assignment group?

Thanks in advance!