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Grading assignment as points vs percentage

Hi there,

I am new to Canvas and struggling a lot with Grading. 

I have set up assignment groups and gave them all a weight (picture attached). I have an assignment called 'Business Plan' which is scored on 40 points but it carries a weight of 20% of the final grade. When I am scoring each student's submission of the Business Plan manually via Speedgrader and giving them a score, that score shows up as a wrong percentage in the Gradebook (picture attached). 

If you look at the attached Gradebook photo, why is Canvas taking a student who scored 30/40 and assigning his 75% when this particular assignment only carries 20% of the Final Grade. None of this is making any sense to me! Can you please tell me what am I doing wrong? 



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Community Coach

Hello there, @EhfazNowman ...

The "Business Plan" assignment column (with the crossed-out eye icon) that you show in your screenshot looks correct to me.  For example, your Test Student scored 30 points (out of a possible 40).  So, for the other "Business Plan" column (this one is associated with the assignment group you created) to the right of the first "Business Plan" column, a percentage of 75% (30/40 = .75 = 75%) is correct...for that particular assignment column.  The "Business Plan" assignment group column is taking the score of any assignments in the "Business Plan" assignment group and calculating a percentage based off of the score(s) the student got for the assignment(s) in that assignment group.  Even though the percentage (in this case 75%) seems higher than it should be, it will still only count towards 20% of the total you've specified.

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I hope this will be of some help to you.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!

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Thank you so much @chofer, you cleared things up. 

Is there a way I can show the Test Student's 'Business Plan' weighted mark out of 20% instead of showing his marks as a percentage of his Business Plan scores? For instance, the Test Student scored 30/40 in his Business Plan assignment which is worth 20% of his final grade.  So instead of showing 75% (which is the percentage he got in his Business Plan), can Canvas show 15% (as he received 15% of the weighted marks out of a potential 20%). 

Displaying a weighted score rather than the raw score is much more valuable as at the end of the day, his final grades are being calculated by adding up all his weighted scored and not his raw scores. 

Hello again, @EhfazNowman ...

Full disclosure...I'm a Canvas admin for our school, and I do not teach courses...and so I don't have as much experience with grading as other instructors normally would.  That being said, I'm not sure what you are asking is possible.  I understand what you are wanting to accomplish, but I don't think that's how the Canvas Gradebook operates.  Your column for the assignment name of "Business Plan" (not the assignment group with the same name) is not what is weighted.  Take a look at your first image again that you shared in your above question.  The first "Business Plan" column (the assignment) just says it has a total possible points of 40.  The other "Business Plan" column (your assignment group) is the weighted group containing all the assignments you've put in that assignment group...20% of the total grade.  In your "Business Plan" assignment name column, you can switch between seeing points and percentage...but that it won't calculate 20% like you are hoping for.  You can change between points and percentage in that column by hovering your mouse over the "Business Plan" assignment name cell in your Gradebook, and then clicking on the three dots kebab icon.  Select the "Enter Grades as" option, and then select either "Points" or "Percentage".

This is just my take on how the Gradebook works (and I'd be more than happy to be wrong) if any other Community member have other ways to accomplish what you're asking...I'd be "all ears" as well.  Hope this helps!