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Grant time extension to students for every quiz assignment automatically?

Is it possible to grant individual students increased time limits on all quiz assignments based on their approved accommodations? I'm managing a 450+ enrollment course, and I'd like to set it up so that students automatically get their accommodations. Going through and doing this manually would be tedious and error-prone. Does anyone know if there is a way to do this? Thanks!

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Hi, Jesse!

I have done this by setting up a section for just my extended time students.

In your Settings on the Sections tab, name your course and hit the add button:


I have mine named "Cool Folks" because the kiddos can see the name of the section, so I don't want it to be "Extra Time" or anything like that.

Click "People" in the left-hand toolbar.


Click on the three lines to the far right of a student's name and choose "Edit Sections"


You'll type your new section name in the blank and click "Update"


It'll keep the student in both sections -- the original and your new one!

When you create an assignment, choose your section under "Assign To"


Put in your extended time information.

Click "Add"


In the drop down under Assign To, choose "Everyone"


It'll automatically take out all the students in your pull-out section and assign it to "Everyone Else" for the actual due date. Smiley Happy

Hope this helps!

~Karen S.

Hi Karen,

Great idea! I am however teaching a class that has students already enrolled in 11 different lab sections merged into a single course. I will look into whether or not I can use the "groups" feature for this.


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Hi, Jesse!

My course already has 6 sections merged into one. It still works. Smiley Happy

I investigated as to whether or not the "Groups" would work for this and they do not. Groups are more for group work, rather than giving extra time.

Hope you are able to find something that works!


Ok so does that still work if each section has a different due date for the quiz? If so that would be awesome!

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Yes! It will still work if they have different due dates. Smiley Happy