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This is the message that I get from 1 students assignments all assignments.  Have ask she is not dragging and dropping  answer No, she is uploading from google drive answer yes, I try to download and get the same message.

"This file contains HTML and can not be previewed.  Please download to view. " 

What can I tell her to make it Stop??????

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I think I might have a solution - The files causing this "HTML/cannot be previewed" error  are likely ".docx" files. You can tell by a blue box next to the document name when you open it in Google Docs.

To fix this:

Go to the document, hit "File" then "Save as Google Doc". This new document, when uploaded, will not give the "HTML/Cannot be previewed error" in the Speedgrader.

(Side note: This does create a new file, so make sure to update the links your students use!)

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