Hide grades with one click?

Community Participant

The grade posting policy feature in Grade book means that I have to remember to take two steps in order to hide grades, before I start grading. It used to be so simple, I could do it instantly from Speedgrader, and now I have to go back out to Gradebook and choose manual (and remember to scroll all the way down to make Save visible) click Save, and then remember to also Hide grades. I have seen lots of questions about this so I know I am not the only one who finds this tedious, and quite easy to forget. ( I also tried Hide without first choosing Manual, but that seems to show grades as soon as I put them in, which seems very illogical).  My question is, can we please simplify this process? I would like to offer this as an Idea, only I'm sure someone else must have, by now? Or is there some other way to just choose Manual and Hide once and for all?