Holidays not showing over the year end

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I am having trouble with holidays showing over the year end. I could see the winter holiday 19/20 in the December calendar and the first days after new years, but in the january calendar everything was gone, i bit difficult to explain but you can see the attached png file.

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Flemming Vestergaard

Buisness Academy Aarhus

calendar error‌

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Hi  @flev  

For the most part, Calendar entries are set by the teacher for the specific course(s) selected on the Calendar, but some schools have customized their Canvas code to reflect school-wide calendar entries. Either way, this is not something controlled by Canvas, and not something that the members of this global community of Canvas members can help you with.

If the Calendar is displaying a specific Course, then I would suggest contacting the instructor for that course. Image below shows a single course selected......


If the Holiday break displays on the Calendar regardless of which courses are displayed, then I suggest you contact the Canvas Admin for Aarhus Business College.

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