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Hello everyone,

I have a notification next to my grades tab on my home page. For a learner this would be a sign that the instructor has graded something. But I am an instructor so why do I have the same icon?

I have searched the course guides but don't see this anywhere.

Does anyone know?


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Community Coach

That means, @AnneDeArmon, that you are likely enrolled as a student somewhere on your instance of Canvas. It's also possible to be enrolled in the same class in which you are enrolled as a teacher, though I don't recommend this. I just did a test to replicate the situation you reported. I was able to, but now I can't unenroll myself as a student. 🤣 Luckily it's a sandbox course so none of the students enrolled are real.

You can select the item to view in which course you received a grade. Hopefully it was fair, and your local sysadmin can help you unenroll if needed. Now, I wonder how I contact mine...

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