How Can I Auto-populate the Learning Mastery Gradebook?

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I am using the mastery gradebook and have some assignments I manually grade (like exams) in which I use the rubrics and easily populate my mastery gradebook. I also though have homework assignments (through a third party vendor linked with canvas (Pearson's Mastering Chemistry)) that I want to use the mastery gradebook for. Students achieve "mastery" in my course at 80% or higher on homework and I'd like a way to set this threshold and have it auto populate in the learning mastery gradebook with the color level threshold (like mastery 80%, exceeds mastery above 80%, near mastery 60 %, etc). Ideally since this assign is already graded by Pearson's and just appears in my gradebook I won't need to go back and actually grade it separately to put it in the learning mastery gradebook.

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