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How can I add one of my classes to the platform?

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One of my classes "Principals of Marketing" won't show on Canvas's platform. The start of the home page it won't pop up for no odd reason I'm just looking for my final grade is and I can't see it over canvas homepage, if the customer service support can help with this issue thank you so much highly appreciated.

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Hi Dylan! Am I understanding correctly that you're a student trying to access a course you took recently? If so, a course disappearing often means the instructor has closed the course. You might try selecting the Courses button from the lefthand Global Navigation, then choose All Courses. You may find the course at the bottom of the page in 'Past Enrollments,' but you still may not be able to access it. The Canvas Community doesn't have access to your Canvas specifically, so we can't tell you much other than that!

Your best bet is to contact your instructor or the Canvas admin at your institution for more information. If you're a higher ed student, your institution likely has a way to check final grades online after they've been posted!

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