How can I make student work visible to everyone in the course.

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Hi - I am a higher-ed faculty member and I'm new to CANVAS this Fall. I'm happy to see the integration with Google.  Previously I've built my courses using Google folders.  (One for the course overall, and one for each student to put their work into - drafts, final assignments, notes, etc). Students had access to everything - meaning they could see one another's work and my feedback (but not their grades).  Is there a way to give students access to one another's assignments?  

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@LeslieFedorchuk I have seen this question come up a lot in the community.  The direct answer is no, there is not a Canvas feature to share student submissions.  That said, there are several work-arounds that I have seen come up.  Personally I have faculty use a graded discussion for this.  The student then submits their assignment submission as a discussion post.  Each student can then see each others submissions (posts) and the instructor can grade them.  Downside to this is you do not get the full featured SpeedGrader then to be able to do annotations if you use those.

Another way I have seen is for all the students to submit as normal and then the faculty member goes in a does the "Download submissions" to download all the student submission and then shares that folder with the students in some method.

Hope this helps!


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