How can parents change their notification settings?

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As a parent observer, how can I change my notification settings for both my children? Right now, DAILY notifications are filling up my inbox for every course they are each taking, with student-needed course info that I do not need.  I only want to receive certain notifications, not all, and I have tried to change this but have been unsuccessful.  Please guide me on how to change my email notifications for students. Thank you.

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The Parent app doesn't have notification settings for email, but you can change those on the website. Log into Canvas with your parent account and then click on Account (profile photo) in the top left. Go into Notifications in that menu.

You can toggle notifications types in this page. From left to right for each type, it's "Immediate," "Daily Summary," "Weekly Summary," or "Never." When I'm giving advice to students or parents, the only immediate notifications I suggest are Inbox Conversations or Submission Comments so you can talk with one another regularly. Everything else is personal preference.

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