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How do I add questions for peers to answer in a peer reviewed assignment?

Dear Community,

When I use peer review on an assignment, is there a way to add a series of questions and scores for peers to offer? I know I can have students use the rubric, but I am interested in getting more detailed feedback.

Typically, I have students use Google docs for peer review, but I would like to try the automatically assign feature in Canvas.

I am just curious how I can help guide the peer feedback by adding questions.



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I use the rubric for the peer review, and include a description of how I grade (which is much simpler on the rough drafts) in the assignment instructions.  That way the rubric can be set up with criteria for each question the peer reviewer is expected to address. I just use the rubric that will apply to the final draft, set-up exactly the way I use it, but there are other options.

You can check a box below the rubric for "I'll write free-form comments" and remove all the normal rubric short-cut boxes.  If you also check the box to remove points from the rubric, you will avoid giving the impression that students are "grading" each other with the peer review.  

Those settings seem to set this up the way you want for your peer review, but I have only tested it in instructor view.