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How do I change a due date after a grading period has closed?

I assigned some work the week grades were due for Term 1, and there wasn't enough time to grade and post it for Term 1.  When I went in to grade and post for Term 2, I got an error message that said that "some settings have been disabled because the assignment is in a closed grading period."  What I intended to do was adjust the due date a few days past the original due date so it would fall within Term 2 instead of Term 1, but it appears that any way to do this has been shut down due to the grading period closing.

A suggestion on Facebook was to change the term dates, then change the due date, and then change the term dates back, but I can't figure out how to change the term dates.

Thank you for any help with this!  I have always rolled over grades to the next term that were due right before I had to turn in grades, and I don't want to change that this year.


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Term dates can be changed at the admin level for your district or school depending on how permissions are set up.  In our district, that wouldn't be an option so I hope that you find an option that works!

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I have the same issue.  Anyone find a way??