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How do I edit the format on a page to get images next to the text? I can only upload images above or below the text.

-I like how the existing pages are formatted on Canvas. Iv'e tried to create my own pages to match that format with no success. 

-Specifically, I am struggling with the format of images. I want to be able to have the text next to an image. When I upload images I am only able to paste them above or below the text. Is there a way to upload an image to be right next to the text? Below, in the first image is my problem and the second image is the desired format. 



Desired Format


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I have the same question. Like you, I haven't heard from anybody or discovered a simple way to embed images in an aesthetically pleasing manner.  I have searched high and low.  Given how the placement of images impacts perceptual fluency, I find this unanswered aspect of Canva so frustrating!  The "Rich" content editor is clunky at best. Hate it.