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How do I find evidence of completion of Growing with Canvas and Launching Awesome with Canvas?


I require evidence of my staff completion of Growing with Canvas and Launching Awesome with Canvas. I am admin so can view as them, but not sure where to find this - help!


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Community Team
Community Team

@ELLPIP  I'm sorry that no one has responded to you yet! Certificates of completion are usually issued by the course facilitator, and Growing with Canvas is a course that schools download from Canvas Commons and offer to their faculty. Have you contacted the person who facilitated the course at your school (was it you?)? 🙂 I'm curious to know how you ultimately resolved this.

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If you have access to Canvas Data, you can run a report to show module completion 

Alternatively, you can view their completion through "View Progress" under the Modules page

You can also use Badgr (LTI tool - Free with limited features) to issue certifications automatically upon completion of the course.