How do I get Canvas to set the correct dates in Gradebook?

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I use Canvas by Instructure through our school district. I use it for various assignments and grades. I then sync those grades to Wazzle Gradebook. However, when Canvas syncs to this Gradebook, it gives the assignments incorrect dates in Gradebook. 

I've tried setting the Canvas Due Date, the Available From date, and the Until Date to no avail. When it creates the assignment in Gradebook, the Gradebook Date Assigned date appears to be the date that I created the assignment in Canvas, which is completely irrelevant. The Gradebook Date Due date does not correspond to the Canvas Due Date either. Both dates that Canvas sets for the new assignment are pulled out of thin air. And if I change the Gradebook dates to the correct dates, a subsequent sync changes them back to the wrong dates. 

How do I get Canvas to set the correct dates in Gradebook?

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It sounds like this is an issue with the Wazzle Gradebook sync process and not Canvas.  Is sounds like Wazzle is pulling the parameters for the creation date and not the due date.  I would recommend that you get the Wazzle support people involved in this.


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