How do I get them to show my course's to show on dashboard?

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My courses aren't coming up on my dashboard, there are two boxes flickering grey.

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Hello,  @s3852825  and  Welcome to the Canvas Community! The screenshot you provided was quite helpful, as it indicates that you're most likely experiencing an issue with an out-of-date/unsupported browser and that you are using Safari. The browser versions currently supported are listed in Which browsers does Canvas support?‌ In addition, for MacOS the user needs to update the OS first before Safari will update along with it (What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas?).

Try updating the OS on your Mac to a more recent version, e.g. Mojave. An alternative would be to switch to a different browser: Chrome works great with Canvas on a Mac, so as long as you can update to a currently supported version (at this writing, Chrome 79.0 and Chrome 80.0 are supported), you'll be all set.

Good luck!

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