How do I give a new user the ability to create a course?

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  1. I am an administrator in my institutional level (not free version) Canvas system.
  2. I have created a new user. The new user has authenticated their account.
  3. Once logged in, the new user does not have a link to create a new course. I have logged in as the new user and can confirm that a link is not available in either the dash board or on the course link page.
  4. As an administrator I do have the ability to create a new course. I do not believe that I should have to make the user an administrator to do this function.
  5. I do not believe that we have disabled the create new course feature for our instructors.  However all I have done is create a "New User" and had the user complete the account creation process. The person is probably only classified as a user at this point. When I go to the people section and search for my "New User" I do find the new user.  When I filter using the "Teacher" role I do not find the user. 
  6. How do I give the "New User" the ability to create courses and act as an instructor/Teacher?
  7. Do I need to create a dummy course and then add the new user into the course so that they can then create their own courses without assistance in the future?

Thank you in advance for any assistance that you may provide.

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Instructure Alumni

 @asuggs , would you have a look at the bottom of the Settings page for the account? You should see these options:

333774_who can create new courses.png

Enable the Teachers checkbox to allow your users in the teacher role to create their own courses.

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