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How do I know if I am being active on Canvas?

I am in a film class where I need to be logged in for 42 hours throughout the semester to receive an A. This is extremely intense considering the only hours I really need to be logged in are when I am watching the movie. Which is maybe an hour and a half a week. I’ve been running the film with no volume one other time a week while I’m on a different page I am wondering if this will count as time I am logged in? And I am also wondering if there’s a way for me to check to see if I am meeting the minimum time requirements for the week. Thanks

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hello there, @Gh0107 ...

If you are logged in to your Canvas course, it should be logging your time.  It would even log your time if you were logged in to Canvas and then left your computer a while to take care of other things...and then came back later to do more course work.  (So, in that scenario, the time logged might not be completely accurate.)  There are analytics that you can view as a student, but this may or may not be enabled at your school.  How do I view my course analytics as a student? - Canvas Community  If you are curious about how much time you have logged for a particular course, I would recommend that you reach out to your school's local Canvas administrator or someone from your school's Online Learning/eLearning department.  They may be able to provide you with specific details about time you have spent logged in to your course.

I hope this will help a bit.  Let Community members know if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take well.

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