How do I limit the number of students in a discussion group?

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I've used Discussion Boards before in my classes but I want to start limiting the number of students in each board to 5 so that they can contribute new ideas to each other. I don't care about assigning the groups. In the Discussion I checked "This is a Group Discussion" and then I set a New Group Category which had a limit of 5. So as the kids answer will they just be sorted into groups of 5? Is that all I need to do? If I was in school I would have more ability to test drive and play with it because I would have a group of kids in front of me, but because this will be self paced I need it to be right.

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Hi,  @amy_woolf1 ‌ and welcome to the Canvas community. 

Yes, the steps you have outlined is exactly how you can limit discussions to get 5 students. When you access the discussion board, you'll be able to enter each group discussion area to monitor discussion. Future discussions could maintain these same group members or you could add an additional category and mix up the membership again.

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