How do I make the announcements visible to my students?

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What button do I need to select to make the announcements visible to my students? It's saying that it is disabled.

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Based on the question @Chris_Hofer answered the question correctly.  There was no follow up as to whether or not the original poster had made the announcements link visible to the students.  Chofer answered the question by explaining how to make the announcements link visible to the students - that iw what the link provided by chofer shows.  If there was another issue, then it was not clear to Chofer and it is not clear to me either.

I do not see anything in Chofer's response about re-ordering announcements.  There may be some of that information in the guide, but that would be extra information.  I just looked closer at the guide.  The first part talks about the re-ordering.  However, at the very end it talks about how to hide/disable navigation links - that is the part that Chofer was getting at.  I guess he could have stated that the part about making the announcement navigation link visible/enabled is down near the bottom.

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The directions were not helpful because I had already posted an announcement and announcements were not hidden or disabled, yet the crossed-out eye icon remained. Apparently I needed to "Save" even though no changes had been made. I guess this is a fourth solution in addition to the three listed in that link.

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To make Announcements visible to users, make sure that the course's start date is set to the day you want to post the Announcement for students to see on Canvas.

-- Go to Settings

-- Scroll down to Participation

  • the Participation tab should be set to Course

-- see the Start section 

-- Input the date & time on which you would like students to be able to see the Announcement on Canvas

-- Know that students will be able to access and use the Course's canvas page at this point (at the chosen start date & time). So, on the course Canvas site, be sure to unpublish any quiz, assignment, discussion, etc., that you do not want students to access.


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