How do I post a question to the discussion board?

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How do I post to my professors discussion board. I thought I posted my answers to her board, but was told I created a separate board and did not receive credit for the assignment.

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Community Coach

Hello there,  @apoole9  Welcome to the Canvas Community.  Thank you for posting your question.  I would suggest that you first take a look at this video tutorial on how to use Discussion topics within your Canvas course:


After you review this short tutorial, then you can review more specific written Guides on Discussion topics.  To access these Guides, click on the "Guides" menu at the top of any page here in the Community.  Then, select "Canvas LMS".  On the page that appears, click on the red "STUDENT GUIDE" button.  Finally, click on "Discussions" from the list at the top of the page.  You'll find several links to stuff specifically about discussion topics.

I hope this will help, Artreese.  Please sing out if you have any questions about this information...thanks!

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