How do I use question groups in New Quizzes?

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Why am I not able to have Canvas randomly select a question from a question group in New Quizzes?  I have a New Quizzes Bank all set up with 4-5 question options for each question I want on my quiz so that not all students will get the same exact questions. Any one know a workaround for this? I thought that New Quizzes would have expanded on the capabilities of Classic Quizzes, but the more I do with it, the more I think New is NOT better.

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Panda Pros
Panda Pros
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Let me get this straight.  I have to import all my questions from the old quiz Question Banks into one quiz so that I can import to a new quiz and create a single Item Bank.  But then, new quizzes don't allow question groups, so I cannot use those questions in individual sets anymore?

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