How do i know if users get an email with registration information?

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When I register new users using SIS import in Canvas. How do I know that an email has been sent out where the user gets a link to choose a password etc.? I have created a CSV file, imported it and the system showed that it was successful. All users were registered as "active" in the CSV file. But they now say that they have not received any email from Instructure where they can go in and choose passwords etc. How can I as admin know that an email has really gone out to users when registering?

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Hello Henric,

When you use SIS import to create users, they do not receive a registration email, because they are not really "registering".

The SIS import process is most often used when schools are creating accounts and enrollments en mass from user information in their SIS system.   In many (most?) cases, they are using shared credentials tied to a SSO server, so they do not want students getting emails telling them the register, or waiting until students register before their accounts are complete and active on Canvas.

If you want students to set their own passwords, you can specifically choose "canvas" as the authentication_provider_id, and students will be able to use the "Forgot password" link from the default local Canvas login page to set a password.



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