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How do you get a students email that I have to send an email outside the class to

In Blackboard the students email was listed in the class roster, in canvas they do not provide the email address only when you click on it it goes to the email in class and I have to send an email since I'm a PC an inquiry in regular walden email. 

Please advise. 

Lloyd Ford , PHD

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@Lloydford -

That information may be controlled by your institution.  At mine, I do not get the email address.  However, I do see the students sis id which is used for their email address as well.  The sis id is available from a grades download or from the people page.  In my case, our sis ids are the initials followed by 4 digits - i.e. abc1234, and the email address for the student is then abc1234@institution.edu

Without knowing what information you have access to on the people page or how your email addresses are setup for the students, that is the best I can do.  



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Community Coach

Hi there, @Lloydford ...

There are a couple places in Canvas I can think of that you may be able to view the e-mail addresses of your students.

  • Try downloading an export file from your Gradebook.  When you do this, open up the CSV file, and you should find that column D (SIS Login ID) displays the student e-mail addresses.
  • In New Analytics, you might be able to see the student e-mail addresses listed on the "Student" tab.  If not, then while still in New Analytics, go to your "Reports" tab, and then click the "Run Report" button for "Class Roster" (you can click on the "i" icon next to "Class Roster" to see what the report will look like).

Hopefully one of these options will work for your needs.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!