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How do you know how to keep up with the rest of the class?

I'm starting my first online class on July 6th. I know that assignments are listed by due date in the syllabus, but after that I get a little fuzzy. I'm used to a typical classroom setup, where a teacher would go through a daily lesson and then assign homework. How do I know how far into the module to "click through" each day? Is the entire module posted at once, meaning I could possibly click through and get ahead? How do I know what homework I'm supposed to do? I'm worried about getting behind or ahead of the rest of the class. I'm just not understanding yet how the pacing of the online classes works.

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi Cate -

Welcome to the Canvas Community! Here, Canvas users from all over the world collaborate. So, while I don't have a "right" answer for you as all institutions (and instructors) leverage Canvas differently, hopefully, I can help a little.

My recommendation is for you to look at the course Syllabus. (How do I use the Syllabus as a student?‌) When items/activities have a due date, that day and time will be listed. Additionally, you could reach out to your instructor (How do I get help with Canvas as a student? or How do I send a message to a user in a course in the Inbox as a student?) and ask the same wonderful questions you asked here.  The fact that you're being so open at the beginning of the semester will likely be very welcomed by your instructor. You care. Smiley Happy

Good luck!