How to Assign a Host to Zoom Recording

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I am having trouble recording a video on Zoom.  It keeps saying I haven't assigned a host so I can't access my recording.  How do I assign a host so I can access my recording and edit/upload it to my class?

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Community Coach

Hello  @awitsaman ...

Do you have Zoom integrated into your Canvas course(s)?  If so, if you are the one who has scheduled the Zoom meetings, then you would be the "host" of those meetings.  Once you begin the recording, it will record until you stop it.  Then, you'll receive an e-mail when the recording is ready for you.  Again, if you are using the Zoom integration with Canvas, that recording would show up in your "Cloud Recordings" tab of the Zoom interface.

Does this help to answer your question?  Looking forward to hearing back from you soon, Amy.

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